The Territory

The ancient village of Montefalcione

The Cellar Donnachiara stands on a hill in the beautiful village of Montefalcione. It is here the Fiano di Avellino slopes steeply lie and are surrounded by green hills with ancient villages and the beautiful mountains of Montevergine and Chiusano. This view completes the spectacle of a magical corner of Irpinia.

This position lies along the ridge that divides the basins of the rivers Saturday and Calore to about 560 meters above sea level. The main features here are the forests of chestnut, oak and juniper trees alternating with the cultivation of olives, vines and fruit trees. The origins of Montefalcione date back many centuries before the Christian era. This is confirmed by documents and witnesses who claim the succession of rulers of the Etruscans, Samnites and Romans.

The arms of Montefalcione are represented by a sickle overlooking three hills, probably the Castle San Marco and Santa Marina, which are the three hills of the agro montefalcionese. The sickle was chosen as a symbol of peasant labor. The Lombards, after the conquest of Benevento extended their dominion in the Irpinia region to establish a large duchy. They built a castle on a steep and high rocky hill. This postion offered to the people of Montefalcione a safe shelter.

Thus was formed the first nucleus of a village that is indicated in the sixth century with the name of Montefalcione Oppidum (Angevin Registers).