Our philosophy

Our philosophy, our family values

donnachiara-24Ilaria Petitto’s smile lights up the path of the Donnachiara Winery in Montefalcione, Campania.  This winery is a boutique winery showing  the infinite potential of the Irpina region. Donnachiara is a family owned and operated business relying on values that only a family can express.  Five generations of experience in quality wine means a wealth of knowledge, proper care and attachment to one’s work that exceed the economic return of any single project.

The passion for our work, the love for the product, influences our employees who share strong values with us.   Donnachiara realizes this sharing of values may be addressed to a further improvement of the quality of its products. The know-how, technology and innovation are now increasingly available for all companies  who can afford them, and have an open mind.  It is  the attention to details that make you a distinctive notch above your competitors.

The Petitto family’s philosophy expressed , in the winery, and as in the others companies of the Petitto’s Group, is the pursuit of extreme quality. The project, actually carried out by Ilaria Petitto, is embodied in the attention to detail throughout the production process. From the choice of the vine to be implanted according to the soil, to the care of the vineyard, to the exact time of the harvest. Statistical data on the progress of the climate or chemical characteristics of the grape bunches are not enough to achieve great quality.
It is  the experience of the agronomist and the experience of the enologist, who both know the  terroir, they know what they want to produce. They taste the grapes and this confirms a final judgment on the aromatic potentiality of the grapes before the harvest. Same for the cellar.  Then the same is true for the organization of the work in the company.

The welfare of our organization is considered an huge opportunity for us. If employees, in addition to sharing the values of the company,  are also happy they can be creative, can deliver innovation and then they can help to move the company forward.  This will achieve the satisfaction of consumer needs and towards a better quality product.

Another key aspect of the Donnachiara philosophy is the attention to the environment.  The sensitivity to the culture and the concern for the landscape.  We pay strict attention to detail and  respect nature and sustainable production.  For nearly a decade “integrated management” is the rule. This strategy elliminates plant desease.  Our energy needs are produced by solar power at the winery. Water is recycled even though there is an  abundance of local springs.  The vines are tended like window boxes even though the locations can be distinctly challenging. This process makes for superior vines, grapes, and ultimatley wines.