“Produces wine with the sun”, Legambiente awards Ilaria Petitto and Donnachiara

Published the list of the 100 renewable municipalities of the 2018. The Wine Company of Montefalcione is the only one in Irpinia to enter in this report.

Legambiente rewards the Donnachiara Agricultural Company. The only reality in the province of Avellino to be included in the report in the special edition of the Renewable Municipalities of the 2018. Over the last few years, the Montefalcione company has climbed the peak of sustainability to use solar energy to power the entire cellar.

The motivation for the recognition concerns the use of “a photovoltaic system from which all the electrical energy necessary for the production cycles is produced. In addition to production from renewable sources, over the years the company has set itself several sustainability objectives, starting with the construction of a rainwater collection plant downstream from the vineyard, which minimizes the external water supply to service the vineyard itself. .

The purification

The meteoric waters – we read in the report – after having been purified, reach the cellar, ready to be used, through a pump system.

The company also leads the vineyard of Fiano di Avellino, under organic farming and has started the VIVA certification as sustainable wines in 2011 with two wines, The Fiano and the Greco, according to a pilot project in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment together with about twenty other Italian companies “.

The company team

The Irpinia reality managed at the top by Ilaria Petitto, is characterized by a passion for work and for the product. Appearance that infects all employees generating a family atmosphere based on shared values. “The project consists of attention to detail throughout the production process, from the choice of the vine to be planted in a specific area, to the management of the vineyard, at the exact moment of harvest”.

The company inaugurated the winery in 2005 with ancient vineyards managed almost entirely by women. Ilaria Petitto has dedicated herself to the development of local grapes and wines. She is supported by her mother Chiara, nephew of Donna Chiara Mazzarelli Petitto, the woman to whom the company is dedicated.


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