An ancient village that lifts people’s spirits

The Donnachiara Winery is on a beautiful hill on the slopes of Montefalcione.

Here the vineyard of Fiano di Avellino goes down steeply as if it wants to run away and is surrounded by green hills dotted with ancient villages and the beautiful mountains of Montevergine and Chiusano. It’s a fairy tale landscape extending itself to the ridge that divides the river basins of Sabato and Calore at about 560 metres above sea level.

The main feature of the area is its the position between chestnut, oak and juniper woods that alternate with olive trees, vines and fruit trees.

The origins of Montefalcione date back many centuries before the Christian Era, this is confirmed by documents and testimonial that mention the dominations of Etruscans, Samnites and Romans over the year.

The castle on the hill

The birth of Montefalcione

The coat of arms of Montefalcione is represented by a scythe above the 3 hills of Castello, San Marco and Santa Marina. The scythe is a symbol of farm work and culture. 

After conquering Benevento, the Longobards also occupied Irpinia until they founded a great dukedom. They built a castle on the highest and steepest hill of the village, providing the inhabitants of Montefalcione with a safe refuge.

That’s how the first nucleus of the current village formed, as indicated in the 6th century with the name of MONTEFALCIONE Oppidum (Angevin Registers).

panorama montefalcione