Greco di Tufo DOCG



Classification: Greco di Tufo Docg
Grape Variety: Greco 100%
Type of soil: Tuffaceous
Training system: Guyot
Period of harvest: Second half of October
Yield per hectare: 15432lbs
Colour: Intense straw yellow
Bouquet: Offers fruity flavours of pear, apricot, pineapple and citrus
Palate: Smooth, elegant and structured, with good freshness and a great persistence that confirms and amplifies the olfactory sensations.
Serving temperature: 54/57 °F
Food affinities: Perfect with all seafood, pasta with light sauces , white meats and herb cheeses

Notes:Soft crushing of the selected grapes and after that cold decanting of the must fermentation at 57-60°F in steel vats for 15 days. Malolatic fermentation is not done.  Full expression of it’s territory, the heart of Greco di tufo, with a specific attention to all the factors of maturation of it’s aroma’s

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