My recent trip to the U.S.A.

Anyone who knows me, avoids me ? No, come on, anyone who knows me knows that I have always had “THE AMERICAN DREAM!”

Maybe it was my crazy, desperate post-graduate studies when, to please my parents, I wanted to become a notary, a 10-year-long imprisonment … Or maybe it was that first trip to Boston when I was only 4 years old, which was Love at first sight … Or maybe it was because my father’s family all emigrated to the US, and he was the only one to stay in Italy. Bah, I don’t know; the fact is that I grab any opportunity I can to go to the USA, especially – it goes without saying – to the Big Apple.

My fixation over the years has had a positive twist, professionally speaking.

Since I first became involved in wine, being familiar with the US market for so many years has allowed me to better understand the dynamics, and to make the right acquaintances.

One of the first things they taught me in America was the importance of marketing and PR when you want to sell a product. Over the years, I have witnessed many marketing operations carried out on that market, from consortia, to individual companies, to producer groups, to promoting regions or denominations. I have to say that OCM funds have helped a lot of Italian producers, enabling them to invest in communication and promotion. I take this opportunity, for example, to congratulate my colleagues in Benevento, whom I’ve watched emerge almost out of nowhere, succeeding together in becoming an increasingly stronger presence, causing a previously unknown region of Campania to be discovered.

In our small way, we have been trying for years to talk about, and cause others to talk about, the Campania and Avellino regions. For many years now, our wines have been a fixture at Gianfranco Sorrentino’s New York restaurant, “Il Gattopardo.” This year, Donnachiara also organized a pleasant and intimate press lunch with several journalists.

The following are some recent news articles about Donnachiara.

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